Car wheel trims – what you should know

Car wheel trims – what you should know

Are you one of those people who want to give your car a new and exciting look? Buying and attaching new car wheel trims is one of the many ways to modify and revitalize your vehicle. It is important to clarify here a big misconception of the expensiveness of the wheel trims. Unlike other car accessories, they are very cheap and anyone with a normal budget could buy this. The objective and purpose of this article are to explore different aspects of wheel trims.

Learn to install

In this regard, one must note here that the primary aim or objective of purchasing such a car accessory is to enhance the beauty of it. Moreover, having a change once in a while is always good. The car owners will also be happy to know that the car wheel trims are usually available in different shapes and sizes. So far as the manufacturing material of this car accessory is concerned, they are plastic discs of simple nature although consumers could always go for premium wheel trims in case of expensive and classic cars. Consumers should also know that these plastic discs have a tendency to come off easily so following the manufacturer’s instructions in installing these is of utmost importance. That being said, they could still come off if you hit the curb or if proper care is not taken. Another perspective of this is that every vehicle owner should know how to install or remove these plastic discs. However, the question which comes to mind is how to install or buy this product?

First of all, size is of utmost consideration during the whole buying process and one must know the size of tire for purchasing the trims.

How to remove the old plastic discs

The size of the tire could easily be found out. All that is required is looking at the tire closely. The vehicle owner will notice some numbers in a specific format. Now reading this format is tricky but the information that is required by the vehicle owners is the last or third number as it represents wheel size. Removing the old plastic discs is not that of a problem as pulling those by gripping from one side will easily make them come off. On the other hand, if they do not come out like this then using a screwdriver will help to finish this task.


Once the car wheel trims are removed, now installing the new ones correctly could be difficult. As mentioned earlier, this could be done smoothly by following the instructions of the manufacturer. In conclusion, it is important to emphasize doing prior research. This tip does not only hold true for buying vehicle accessories but for every product.